Jim Yates Jim Yates Jim Yates is an experienced real estate professional with the proven ability to provide strategic and operational expertise in all facets of real estate development and district operations. Mr. Yates was President of Sterling Ranch Development Company from 2010 to 2019. Before his opportunity with Sterling Ranch, Jim was the National Vice President of Finance for MDC Holdings, Inc. Jim worked for MDC for almost 15 years in several key positions where he acquired a strong understanding of the real estate market. His operational and financial capabilities are highlighted by his accomplishments as a creative, decisive, and analytical manager within the homebuilding division operations. Prior to working at MDC, Jim gained valuable business experience working in public accounting. Jim was born and raised in Burlington, Iowa. Jim graduated from the University of Denver in 1989 with a degree in accounting. Jim married a fellow University of Denver Alumni, Kay, and is the father of two sons, Chris and Joe.