Nickki PucherNickki Pucher boasts a dynamic background as an entrepreneurial professional, with expert knowledge in sales and marketing. Nickki graduated from Wichita State University with a degree in Marketing and Communications. Shortly after graduating, Nickki founded a thriving yoga studio that soon demanded a second location. After selling these two studios, Nickki moved to Denver in 2014 and began her career in real estate and homebuilding. For the past five years, she has focused on high-end sales for custom builds and new production home developments. Her wide range of experience in sales, project management, and marketing has granted Nickki insight on desirable home features, easing buyer processes and navigating deals with confidence. When Nickki is not working, she enjoys family time with her husband, Kellen, and daughter, Quinn. Sunday’s are often spent savoring dinner with her growing family and taking time to practice on her yoga mat!